The Lucy Rose Story

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Being a woman in business, or in fact any male dominated area naturally comes with a disadvantage. Therefore, successful women in these areas have overcome more obstacles and adversity than their male counterparts. We believe however, that there is huge benefit that comes with this including the strength and tenacity it manifests. We therefore believe women should feel obliged to treat themselves based on how far they have come, and what better than a new pair of shoes!


The Founder Story

Having been diagnosed with epilepsy at 13, Emily knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity to succeed. Failing academically, not even remembering GCSE’s being told to stop sport and not being able to drive knocked her confidence and independence. Five years later, epilepsy free, she began to excel. Gaining a 1st Class Hons Degree, joining netball, learning to drive and starting a company are all achievements that at one time didn’t seem possible. Her motto is “Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, and wear the biggest smile whilst doing it”.