Dreaming Big vs Reality

Instagram: lucyroseltd.com

Instagram: lucyroseltd.com

This is an insight into the wonderful world of an entrepreneur. A few weeks ago it seemed like everything just got on top of me. I’m sure the entrepreneurs among the readers know what I mean. Day to day I am building a business from nothing, just me and my ideas. I also work another job which takes up time and energy.

I was thinking about how I am going to make this brand into the business I know it can be. I was looking at my financials and realising that it’s going to take an army of people and bucket loads of self belief. Right then at that moment, doubt crept in. It felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders because I am the only one working on it every day. I was thinking about the time that I make my first hires and am essentially paying their way in life. I thought about receiving investment and having the shareholders accountable to my actions. It felt like I was trying to roll a boulder up a hill and I just wanted to let go for two minutes – give myself a tiny bit of rest bite for the dream I have been carrying for years. I wanted to hide and could have probably done with a cry but I didn’t. I told everyone I was fine. I wasn’t worrying about the Instagram following decreasing, I wasn’t worried about not finishing my business plan or knowing if my cash flow made any sense at all. I wasn’t worried about putting my website renewal on my credit card because I didn’t have the money. But guess what?! I was.

But through it all I still kept faith. Faith that I will get investment, faith that I will have an army of people to not only help me but believe in me every step of the way. Faith that we can, together make Lucy Rose the business it deserves to be. I have got to know the brand pretty well now and I can see the potential it holds. It’s calm, sophisticated and elegant.

The point of this article is to explain that it’s okay to think big and get scared. It’s okay to create a dream that seems impossible that little old you could ever achieve. It’s okay to have a momentary collapse of your self esteem and confidence because guess what, it happens to everyone. The main difference being, if you can peel yourself back up, have faith in the overall objective and find small ways which will propel you forwards, you will get there. Since that feeling of wanting to roll down the hill, I have met two incredible people and another meeting on the horizon, all of which I am confident will be on this journey with me in one way or another.