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@lucyrose.ltd Instagram

“The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”.

With elegance being a key pillar in Lucy Rose’s brand, I thought I’d go into a bit more detail on exactly what I mean by this. It’s often been attributed to appearance and looking good, but at Lucy Rose, we want it to go deeper. Long slender legs with a lovely pair of heels on the end is only half the battle. As the definition states, manner is also a way in which to be elegant.

The manner in which a company is run, the manner in which the shoes are designed and made, the manner in which our customers are treated, all comes back to elegance. The main aim is not to make a customer look elegant as we all have differing views on what that looks like, but to make them feel elegant. Looking elegant can sometimes signify pleasing someone else as it is up to interpretation as to what is elegant and not, whereas feeling elegant is an emotion that can only come from within. Lucy Rose is all about allowing women to be their best selves for themselves and making proud women prouder.

The design process for me starts with elegance. From drawing the initial feather line of the sole, to creating the design of the uppers, elegance and simplicity rules supreme. More often than not, it is the void you leave out that elegance can fill. Inspired by architecture and nature, only the essential lines and structures make it through. Conversely, it is the meticulous detail in the design of the mechanism that gives the concept the elegance to function in both forms.

Elegance is a collection of many small details that in isolation do not look particularly impressive, but when brought together as a collaborative whole are unmistakeable in their efforts. The thought that has gone into the Lucy Rose brand from its values to its launching range and colour palette will collectively give the feel of an elegant brand and in turn make the woman wearing Lucy Rose feel as elegant as she allows herself.

Elegance “the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner”.