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Hello all, hope you all had a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year.

Now, I’ve been teasing you all about giving you some news in the New Year and here it is. Very soon I will have a third prototype of the Lucy Rose shoe. We’re calling it the ‘LR3’ for obvious reasons and I am beyond excited!

Since the summer we have had a design that is worthy of being tested properly, not just digitally using CAD. Last week I saw the CAD design and I cannot wait to have the physical object in my hand. I still think of myself as this girl from a small town who had an idea and seeing the reality of it really is inspiring and mind boggling at the same time.

There will still be further design reviews to go through once we have the tangible shoe, however it marks the beginning of the final phase which is giving me an overwhelming buzzing feeling within (although I could be wrong and we I could be writing the same sentence six months later!). This process has taken a lot more time than I ever thought and although my frustration can sometimes feel like the dominant emotion, it really has been a blessing in disguise because we have been able to put a lot of thought into the smallest of details, and that shows in the design.  

I truly believe Lucy Rose will have the ability to change women’s lives for the better on a global scale and although this milestone may be small in the overall scheme of things, in years to come looking back I am sure this prototype will be one of the biggest steps in our company.

If that’s not an exciting note to start the year on, then I don’t know what is. I was feeling very frustrated towards the end of 2018, but it shows that patience and determination do win in the end. Happy New Year all, long may it continue.  

Em x