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Hello All!

So the past few weeks have been incredibly exciting for Lucy Rose! I finally feel as though I am breaking through the walls I have been banging on for so long.

Last week I met with a marketing consultant who I would love to help with my launch campaign and once I started telling her about the idea and where I want the business to go, her eyes lit up and she started adding to the vision in such a grand way it started to blow me away! I mean we were talking New York department stores, Monaco events – I was loving life! It’s all starting to feel quite real and as though this is actually happening! I finally have some timelines in my head too, that I think might be achievable and talking about launching is a huge step forward for us.

Yesterday we signed off for the design that’s going to be made into a prototype in the next couple of weeks. There will be a huge amount of learning to come but it is the first design that I can actually see as being the basis for all Lucy Rose shoes to come. It’s incredibly exciting.

If I could tell my 17 year old self that the idea she is mulling over as a potential business opportunity does work and will look better than she could have ever imagined, she would lose her mind and maybe even start to believe in herself earlier!

I’ve never been one to think small, and I believe we should all aim for the stars, but when the rocket starts firing up, there is an overwhelming combination of excitement and fear. I’m telling myself that this is normal and it would be strange to not feel this way. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a relatively small amount of self belief, it makes me nervous as to what can be achieved if we had oodles of it. I guess it’s a feeling few understand and I feel privileged to be able to harbour the emotions, let’s just hope excitement wins over fear!

Watch this space for more exciting news to come soon, we’re finally going somewhere - one step at a time.