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Hello Roses,

We’ve done it. We’ve got another prototype (the LR3) and I’m trying to soak in the moment and realise that it’s actually just happened. A year ago, I obviously had faith in the idea, but none of us were sure on how exactly we were going to execute it. They say creativity can’t be rushed, and they also say that two minds are better than one. I’m still not quite sure on who ‘they’ are – but boy were they right.

In the beginning of this journey, it was my idea, I hadn’t a clue on where to begin, but I also didn’t want to talk to anyone about it for fear of the idea being stolen. When you can dream the dream, it becomes like an unborn baby and you don’t want to put it in any kind of danger. As the years rolled on, and still not sure on how it was going to work, I started to talk to others about the problem and solution. To my amazement, most people out there were willing to help and were excited for me - that’s when the progress really started to happen.

Coupled with the time and space that creativity needs to spark, this year is shaping up to be the most exciting yet. We have finally got a design that not only works, but looks amazing and has the ability to take the fashion world by storm. Being in the middle of a design process, of course there are issues and unforeseen problems that we couldn’t have guessed existed in CAD form, but now we know, we can move one step forward and look to improve the design for the LR4.

The road ahead still is long and there are many obstacles in our way, but seeing what we have designed in the flesh is such a surreal, incredible moment that will give us fuel for the next stage of the journey. When will commercialisation happen? I’m not sure yet but one thing’s for sure – we’ve got something worth commercialising.

Until next time,

Em x