Okay, but how?

I’m sure most of us have heard those words spoken back to us when we reveal a plan or goal whether is losing weight or launching a product. It instantly puts the fire out doesn’t it? I want to answer back in my best non-teenage voice “I don’t know HOW yet, but I will”.

And Relax

I decided that last Friday I would take the day off work. “Day off from what?!” my inner voice kept saying, but I ignored her, and I am currently writing this in a spa.

Sat in the spa, I also have a great book with me called Self Care for the Real World. It has tips and tricks to help you get the most out of yourself from food and drink recipies to yoga exercises and meditation techniques.

You can now enter the Den...

Last week was fantastic. I received my trademark certificate for the name Lucy Rose in the footwear space. I am officially a trademarked company! It’s been three months of waiting in case others wanted to raise a complaint but I was confident I would be okay.

How do I start a start-up?

I have always known deep down that I wanted to be my own boss and to own my own company. But going from that ideal to reality is a lot more challenging than I thought. I have been working on the business for a long time now, but I always had something else to achieve and complete before I could devote all my time to it. Like A-Levels, then four years at University. Those gave me clear goals, I had to submit a piece of coursework by x, had an exam on y, all working towards a clear overall goal of passing University.

Dealing with adversity – My Why

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has a chapter of their own life that they’d rather not read. Including me. I was 13 when my life got turned upside down, but looking back, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Here’s why.

Unsatisfied with Satisfaction

Hello Roses,

If I were to ever do a Masters (not likely) I would like to research what drives and motivates some individuals to achieve so much more than others. This is a topic I often think about and I guess subconsciously I wanted to find out. Hence, I decided to start a business.

Being an Entrepreneur

Hello Roses,

I thought this week I would let you inside my head to get a glimpse of being a founder of a start-up. I’ve decided to write this because quite frankly, my head is a mess right now and I thought it might give me some clarity to try and explain my thoughts. I have been doing this business full time for a month and a half now, but have had the idea for over seven years.

Welcome to Lucy Rose

A big Hello to my Lucy Rose community. I’m thinking of calling you ‘Roses’, but we can work on that!

I wanted to write this blog to introduce myself and the business on a more personal note. The business idea came to me when I was in the back of my mum’s car one Friday evening driving through my home town and seeing all the girls take off their shoes after a night out. I was 17 years old at the time and I thought there had to be a better way of solving this literal ‘pain point’ than to take them off or change shoes (which I know many working women do also).