Okay, but how?

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@lucyrose.ltd Instagram

I’m sure most of us have heard those words spoken back to us when we reveal a plan or goal whether is losing weight or launching a product. It instantly puts the fire out doesn’t it? I want to answer back in my best non-teenage voice “I don’t know HOW yet, but I will”.

I’ve had a pretty good week. I met with another investor which went well and seemed positive, albeit with a couple of concerns which is normal. I’ve also started to join some dots that were floating about in my head for a long time around launch campaign and route to market. Lots of them very much along the lines of ‘how?’ are starting to be solved. What I find most difficult starting my own business at the moment is only having a select few brains to work on the problem (mainly just one). If I think back to being in a corporate world and there was an issue that needed solving, there would likely be at least five brains on the problem and others bought in for their area of expertise. I find it tough having to calculate my cost per acquisition one minute and then go straight onto my marketing strategy the next. I have to admit, I love the variation of the days, but there is only so much ‘thinking outside the box’ my brain can manage. I need human brainstorming.

The problem however is one of resources. The corporate world pays for those brains to work on that problem. My £600 a month barely covers my brain, let alone anyone else’s! If I think about the people that I’ve had only an hour long conversation with that have given me so much to think about and could employ them, this business would be incredible. I’m now thinking about the stage I need to get to in order to start bringing those brains on board. I need to make sure my offering is attractive enough for people to want to work on my problem as opposed to someone else’s problem. How? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll work on it.

Living in your own entrepreneurial bubble, it is sometimes difficult to understand that other people have their own lives to lead and shock horror, my business is not at the core. That is where I envy co-founders as they’ve always got each other. Anyway, I have to remember I’m doing something most people only dream of and yes it’s hard, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come. If I look back hard enough, I can see many what were once ‘how will I do that?’ I have in fact done.