Okay, but how?

I’m sure most of us have heard those words spoken back to us when we reveal a plan or goal whether is losing weight or launching a product. It instantly puts the fire out doesn’t it? I want to answer back in my best non-teenage voice “I don’t know HOW yet, but I will”.

Up and Up

Hello Roses,

“Lying in a gutter aiming for the moon, trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon” Those are lyrics in a Coldplay song called Up & Up. I listened to it recently and it really struck a chord.

Unsatisfied with Satisfaction

Hello Roses,

If I were to ever do a Masters (not likely) I would like to research what drives and motivates some individuals to achieve so much more than others. This is a topic I often think about and I guess subconsciously I wanted to find out. Hence, I decided to start a business.