Do you have Grit?

An entrepreneur once told be about her three G’s that she uses to determine other entrepreneurs; Grit, Grace and Graft. Grit has been explored in depth for more than 100 years, none more recently than Angela Duckworth’s book ‘Grit’.

How do I start a start-up?

I have always known deep down that I wanted to be my own boss and to own my own company. But going from that ideal to reality is a lot more challenging than I thought. I have been working on the business for a long time now, but I always had something else to achieve and complete before I could devote all my time to it. Like A-Levels, then four years at University. Those gave me clear goals, I had to submit a piece of coursework by x, had an exam on y, all working towards a clear overall goal of passing University.

Up and Up

Hello Roses,

“Lying in a gutter aiming for the moon, trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon” Those are lyrics in a Coldplay song called Up & Up. I listened to it recently and it really struck a chord.